Workshop requirements

  • These workshops are offered to every partner. We have no age restriction for these workshops and they are meant for everyone, regardless of gender, any form of disability colour or creed.
  • We recommend a minimum of 90 minutes ( 1hour 30 Minutes) to a maximum of (180 minutes (3 Hours) per session.
  • These workshops can be done sorely as a main session or either before the main performance or after the main performance. However, we recommend workshops to take place before the performances.
  • We recommend the number of participants to be a maximum of 25 per workshop conducted in a classroom sized space or environment. However the number of participants might be increased as per venue size and by school request. This is sorely done to enhance the impact of the outcome and importantly to enforce the COVID -19 rules. 
  • We request one Teacher or at least some Student (s) per workshop who can speak English will be our Translator during the workshops in case of language breakdown.
  • We adopt and address the SDGs of the UN through these workshops which are later developed into THEATRE plays.
  • We require the Organisers to supply us with the relevant COVID-19 equipment and guidelines as adopted by their relevant authorities e.g. sanitizer, masks etc.
  • These are the workshops that we usually OFFER, however we are can do them online in an adapted version agreed by all parties concerned.

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