Who are we

M.U.K.A Project (Most United Knowledgeable artists) was founded in Johannesburg by a group of young people who found themselves homeless in the chaos at the end of apartheid. In 1995 they came together and started creating original theatre pieces to perform in the streets, community centers and churches as a form of therapy to themselves, fellow homeless community and to those living in homes. Since then, M.U.K.A Project has never looked back but continues to use arts & culture as an avenue to escape poverty, unemployment, deprivation and raise awareness within the diverse communities that we serve.

M.U.K.A Project is a member of the Performing Arts Network of South Africa (PANSA) and has also been practically involved in holding workshops in arts, non-violence conflict resolution, girl to girl motivational speaking, drumming, poetry and dance in various community development projects, rural areas and schools, including “Paballo Ya Batho” soup kitchen (Central Methodist Mission), Outreach Foundation of the Friedenskirche (Church of Peace), Phoenix College, Nkosi’s Heaven, Saratoga Cathedral Soup Kitchen, Ducklings Day Care Centre (Crèche)  etc.

Since the beginning, M.U.K.A Project has developed many original pieces in addition to introducing theatre to community members as a means of promoting dialogue around the important social issues they face daily. M.U.K.A. Project has conducted community theatre workshops and discussions on violence against Women & Children, Domestic Violence, Justice, Peace & Reconciliation, Gangsterism, Drug Abuse, Prostitution, Rape, HIV/AIDS, Homelessness etc. with over 100 different community organizations within Southern Africa and abroad.

Artistically, M.U.K.A Project has excelled locally as well as internationally, since launching of their first production “THE CHAIN” at the Windybrow Arts Festival in 1996. The piece was honored with four out of the five awards on offer, which are the Best Script, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Second Best Drama. In 1998, the same show was also performed at THE DAY OF AN AFRICAN CHILD at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City U.S.A). Again, during that same year, M.U.K.A Project performed in the U.S.A (Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York and Maryland) for three months and was awarded with Creativity Excellence Award at the Source Theatre’s 18 Annual Festival in Washington DC/ USA for their contribution to the production “GIFT” which co-written by an American writer/Director Mr. Roy Barber and the late South African writer Mr. Taliep Petersen.

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