Theatre & non-violence conflict resolution workshops

We recommend these workshops for the high school students, Universities and communities members older than 15 years old. This is due to intense concentration throughout the workshop which may be a disadvantage to the little kids. We also require the partners to organise us a White Board or Flip Chart and koki pens to write. We however do NOT require chairs in the workshops space. For Non-Violence Conflict Resolution Workshops, we require the Partners/organisers to kindly organise 10 (Ten) Sellotapes for every 25 Participants OR 2 (two) sellotapes for Five Participants.

Furthermore, we require old Newspapers [Please get as many as you possibly can depending on the number of participants]. For Theatre Workshops, we require the participants to wear flexible clothing because it requires more physical work at any given time. We would further require a Classroom size room and a maximum of 25 participants per session.

For workshop requirements

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