Our touring cast

Our Touring Cast members consist of 7 (Seven) young boys and The Director.

  • The age group of the Children are between 14 and 18years old.
  • Tthey are all trained to Act, sing, Dance and to Facilitate all workshops. [Dance; Drumming & Percussions; Theatre; Non-Violence Conflict Resolution and Cultural-Peer Talk workshops.
  • The Kids have been also trained and prepared in any Culture Shock
  • All these kids are still attending school and as such, we have arranged relevant means for them to continue with their Academic school syllabus while on Tour with their respective school “ PHOENIX COLLEGE OF JOHANNESBURG” which is our partner school.

E-Learning for our Touring Cast Members

  • * PHOENIX COLLEGE OF JOHNNESBURG will donate Tablets so that they can se them while on Tour using Google Learning.
  • * It is our duty as M.U.K.A Project to make sure that our Kids do not derail in School work because we believe in them being better if they are educated future Citizens of this world.
  • * Our Kind Host Families and Host Organisers are always willing to open their homes, Computers and WiFi to help our kids as well to do their school work and communicate with their families back home.
  • “Education is the most powerful weapon which you use to change the WorldNelson Mandela.

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