Drumming workshops

During the Drumming workshops, we do not really need a Translator, however it is wise to have one for some essential explanations. M.U.K.A Project will normally bring two Drums. We require the School/Centre/Treff-Punkt to organise some instruments e.g. Djembe drums, Congas, and a variety of Percussions so that each participant can have something to play.

Furthermore we require a separate classroom or Hall or most preferably, a music class where sound is proofed. We also require that each participant have a chair to sit on or some few benches.

We encourage the organisers book a dance performance “ TRENDS OF AFRICA” after the workshop where the participating kids will perform a short performance created during the workshops for the Audience before the M.U.K.A Performance. We further encourage the organisers to make a break in between e.g. If the workshops are done in the morning or afternoon, then the evening performance will be at 5pm or 6pm.

M.U.K.A Kids can perform a maximum of TWO Workshops and a Performance OR Two performances and a workshop/ day. E.g. One workshop at 9-11am and another after Lunch then a performance at 5pm/6pm

For workshop requirements

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